ImmunoComb Pet Technical Information

ImmunoComb Kits for Canine, Feline & Avian

Quick, Simple, Reliable and Portable Dot-ELISA Test Kit for Pets

The benefit that each ImmunoComb  feature provides:

  • Easy to use- does not require a lab-technician, can be performed by a vet.
  • Portable- ideal for fieldwork/clinic or lab.
  • Individual sample testing- financial savings.
  • Fast turn-around time- immediate answer.
  • Provides quantitative antibody results- more helpful diagnostic tool.
  • Check multiple antigens- provide immediate answer to multiple diseases.
    No need for separate check of eash disease.


ImmunComb Canine Antibody Test Kits




ImmunoComb Feline Antibody Test Kits


ImmunoComb Avian Antibody Test Kit



Capillary Tubes (

Catalog Number 10000140

One piston + 40 capillary tubes (purchase upon request)


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