Biogal – Galed Laboratories is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of excellent diagnostic tools for companion and farm animals.

VacciCheck® a Core Pet Vaccine Titer Test

ImmunoComb - A Quick, Simple and Portable Dot-ELISA Test Kit.

  • Provides quantitative results.
  • Checks multiple diseases per sample

PCRun™ a Novel Point-of-Care Molecular Detection Kit.

  • PCRun™ eliminates the need for trained staff and complex, expensive equipment.
  • PCRun™ shortens result turnaround time.

  • ImmunoComb ImmunoComb

    A Quick, Simple and Portable Dot-ELISA Test Kit.

    • Easy to use - dose not require a lab-technician.
    • Porttable-ideal for fieldwork/clinic or lab.
    • Fast turn-around time - immediate answer.
    • Provides quantitative results - more helpful diagnostic tool.
    • Check multiple diseases
  • VacciCheck® VacciCheck®

    VacciCheck® is a novel "in house“ option for titer testing both feline and canine core vaccines.
    The major uses:

    • Determine whether a puppy/kitten has responded to vaccination protocol.
    • Testing if adult dogs/cats require revaccination.
    • Management of infectious disease (Canine Parvo and Distemper, Feline Panleukopenia) outbreaks in shelters.
    • Testing of newly adopted adult dogs/cats to determine vaccination protection.
  • PCRun® Molecular Detection Kit PCRun® Molecular Detection Kit

    PCRun® - A faster, more affordable & accessible PCR system for your needs
    Easily performed in the vet clinic or lab.

    PCR  testing allows for rapid and highly specific diagnosis of infectious diseases, including those caused by bacteria or viruses.


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