A Quick, Simple and Portable Dot-ELISA Test Kit.

  • Easy to use - dose not require a lab-technician.
  • Porttable-ideal for fieldwork/clinic or lab.
  • Fast turn-around time - immediate answer.
  • Provides quantitative results - more helpful diagnostic tool.
  • Check multiple diseases

Biogal, a private company owned by Kibbutz Galed and is headquartered in northern Israel. It was established in 1986. Biogal and Orgenics jointly developed and patented the ImmunoComb ( antibody test kits), a new diagnostic technique. In 1991, Biogal and Orgenics separated their operations. While Biogal specialized exclusively in the veterinary diagnostics field and Orgenics operated exclusively in the human diagnostics domain. The ImmunoComb provides diagnostic tools tests ( antibody test kits ) for detecting antibody levels in blood or serum. The ImmunoComb Antibody Test Kits are used in laboratories, veterinary clinics, hatcheries and in the field.

Our mission: To improve animal health by providing better diagnostic tools

Biogal Committed

Biogal’s committed employees took upon themselves the task of revisiting the things they value. Customer service and quality are our top priority. We expect ourselves to think and feel quality when we develop new products, manufacture, or provide technical support. We look for quality in our suppliers and distributors, and in both, their good services.

We maintain a continuous honest dialogue with our agents and customers worldwide, to promote their satisfaction and understanding of our products. We have found that open route of communication is an essential aspect of teamwork and it promotes a more fruitful business relationship.

It is important to us to stay up-to-date with new information regarding animal care and to share our knowledge with our customers. It often takes the form of seminars and workshops we offer domestically, through continuous dialogue with our customers worldwide and through our ImmunoComb Newsletter. In this website we offer additional routes for gaining knowledge, through the “buttons”of publications, updates and PDF formatted material. We appreciate your input concerning the information we provide.

Why Biogal?

Our success relies upon our collaborative work, our search for improvements in all areas and upon our team members’ responsibility and care. Working and living in the same community provides extra touch of belonging to the company’s employees resulting in extra effort and attention to our end products, their process and their marketing.

looking ahead

We value strategic alliances with other companies and joint ventures for R&D’s continuous growth as a means of our belief in furthering our knowledge and creating a strong base for innovative products and technologies. This way we can strengthen our ability in delivering excellent products and services for our valued customers.

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