Biogal - Galed Labs has 4 distinct product lines for the diagnosis of veterinary infectious diseases:

  A faster, more affordable & accessible PCR system for your needs.
PCRunTM is flexible; meaning it can be used in a small animal veterinary lab and/or clinic.
There is no expensive equipment needed for PCRunTM. You simply purchase the kits only. The whole PCRun detection process is no longer than 75 minutes.  Learn more


A Quick, Simple and Portable Dot-ELISA Test Kit, that is easy to use, portable, with a fast turn-around time. Learn more


Based on the ImmunoComb technology, VacciCheck® is an "in house“ option for titer testing both feline and canine core vaccines. The major uses:

  1. Determine whether a puppy/kitten responded to vaccination.
  2. Testing if adult dogs/cats require revaccination.
  3. Management of infectious disease outbreaks in shelters.
  4. Testing of newly adopted adult dogs/cats to determine vaccination protection.  Learn more    


 Lateral Flow Rapid Tests. Learn more

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