Reading the ImmunoComb results by eye has always been preferred as a simple and convenient method of interpretation of tests carried out in the ’field’ or in the veterinarians clinic.
For users who prefer an automated system to interpret results Biogal has developed the CombScan computerized system.

The CombScan hardware-software package serves to provide objective quantitative and qualitative results of Biogal’s ImmunoCombtests. It does so by employing a standard scanner to scan a developedComb. The data is then analyzed and interpreted to clinically meaningfulresults.

This CombScan software is available upon request and is free of charge.
Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • CombScan Software system is compatible with TWAIN compliant scanners.
  • A database module enables user to search and view historical test results.
  • Results can be exported to a database of your choice.
  • Can interpret full and partially developed Combs.
  • Provides quantitative results along with qualitative classifications.
  • Sensitive to many shades of grey.


CombScan Quick Help – Power Point Presentation 

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