The unique advantages for specific ImmunoComb kits

What is ImmunoComb?

Biogal’s ImmunoComb provides a test for detecting antibody levels in whole blood and serum. The ImmunoComb veterinary diagnostic kits are designed to aid in the diagnosis of disease and the determination of antibody levels of companion animals, farm animals, and laboratory rodents.

The ImmunoComb is based on the solid-phase “dot”-ELISA principle providing quantitative, semi-quantitative and qualitative results. Results are typically obtained within 20 minutes.


Advantages of the ImmunoComb Ehrlichia kit over Ehrlichia Rapid Tests.

ImmunoComb Feline Coronavirus Kit –The Ideal Antibody Test Kit.

Dr. Solomon Dhliwayo from the University of Zimbabwe recently used the ImmunoComb Canine Brucella Kit in the study: “Serological survey of Brucella canis in dogs in urban Harare and selected rural communities in Zimbabwe”. The author commented: “The ImmunoComb Canine Brucella Antibody Test kit has a high sensitivity (98%) and a high specificity (93%).”

En Español: ImmunoComb Canine Leptospira Kit: Please see attached a clinical study from Chile that used the ImmunoComb Canine Leptospira Kit and found that the kit had many benefits.

ImmunoComb Parvo and Distemper IgM and IgG Antibody Tests- Why Would I Prefer One Test Instead of the Other and When?

“In our opinion, ImmunoComb (Biogal, Kibbutz Galed, Israel) commercial kit is nowadays the most suitable ELISA test available, as it has a nearly 100% sensitivity and specificity.”

Why Use the ImmunoComb Toxoplasma and Chlamydophila kit? Get a better understanding as to why this kit is unique and superior versus similar products.

The CombScan is a combination of software and an actual calibrated ImmunoComb Comb provided free of charge by Biogal. As such, it is actually a combination of software and hardware. Keep in mind; you need a Computer and a Scanner to run this program. The recommended scanner is an Epson/canon scanner or any scanner that is TWAIN complaint.

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