ImmunoComb Canine Leptospira Kit

En Español: ImmunoComb Canine Leptospira Kit: Please see attached a clinical study from Chile that used the ImmunoComb Canine Leptospira Kit and found that the kit had many benefits.

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Seroprevalence of leptospirosis in dogs in urban Harare and selected rural communities in Zimbabwe

Please note a recently published clinical study (attached) that used the ImmunoComb Canine Leptospira Kit.
The study was carried out by Dr. Solomon Dhliwayo from the University of Zimbabwe. Dr. Dhliwayo describes the following benefits of using the ImmunoComb Canine Leptospira Kit: 

“The reference method for serological diagnosis of leptospirosis is the microscopic agglutination test. However, because of its complexity, rapid screening tests such as the ImmunoComb ELISA kit (Biogal-Galed Laboratories, Israel) have been developed for detecting leptospiral IgG antibodies in acute infection. Other studies (e.g. Odontsetseg, Sakado & Kida 2005) reported this test to show a good concordance with the microscopic agglutination test and was suggested as a potential substitute diagnostic test because it was rapid, sensitive and technically less demanding to perform. Because the microscopic agglutination test relies on the use of live attenuated antigens, which require frequent subculturing, it poses a potential risk of infection to the laboratory personnel.

“ The ImmunoComb ELISA kit has a high sensitivity (80%), thus reducing the possibility of false negative reactions. …….. Despite its inability to distinguish between the specific serovars, the ImmunoComb ELISA kit has a mixture of antigens of four of these most common serovars in dogs. Hence, the positive results obtained in the present study are likely to indicate exposure to one or more of these common serovars. “

Click Here to read the study.

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