ImmunoComb Toxoplasma and Chlamydophila

Why Use the ImmunoComb Toxoplasma and Chlamydophila kit? Get a better understanding as to why this kit is unique and superior versus similar products.

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  • Combined Antibody Testing

The ImmunoComb Feline Toxoplasma &Chlamydophila Antibody Test Kit is the only kit, to our knowledge, that simultaneously carries out an ELISA based serology test for both Toxoplasma & Chlamydophila.
Because this kit tests for two antigens at the same time, it saves time, effort and expense. In addition both tests are for zoonotic diseases, critical for diagnosis.

  • ImmunoComb Feline Toxoplasma & Chlamydophila Antibody Test Kit versus Immuno-Fluorocence Assay (IFA):

IFA is one of the serological testing methods for Feline Toxoplasma &Chlamydophila.
When carrying out the Immuno- Fluorocence Assay (IFA) test, you need a lab, microscope and a trained technician to detect fluorescence using ultra violet illumination.
The unique and innovative benefits of the ImmunoComb Feline Toxoplasma &Chlamydophila kit are that you can carry out all tests in the lab or clinic without any need for lab equipment or specialized technical personnel; allowing for flexibility and saving time, money and specialized resources. The kit is self contained, with all necessary reagents for developing the test.

  • Availability:

Serological testing for Feline Chlamydophila is not widely available1. This gives a unique advantage to the veterinarian that wants to carry out a serological test for Chlamydophila.

  • Main Applications of Biogal's ImmunoComb Feline Toxoplasma &Chlamydophila Antibody Test Kit:

(1) Cats with Toxoplasmosis or Chlamydophila disease typically have high levels of specific antibodies. Therefore, a sero-negative result to T. gondii and Chlamydophila sp. in an ill cat helps rule out the diagnosis of these two infections.

(2) Antibody testing may be used to screen for the presence of Toxoplasma and Chlamydophila infections in cats before they are introduced into pathogen-free households or catteries.

1 Infectious Diseases of the Dog and Cat, Greene, 3rd Edition 2006Author- João Morais, Ana Cláudia Coelho and Maria dos Anjos Pires, CECAV –Univ. of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Portugal.

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