The CombScan Program is used to Scan and Read ImmunoComb Results

The CombScan is a combination of software and an actual calibrated ImmunoComb Comb provided free of charge by Biogal. As such, it is actually a combination of software and hardware. Keep in mind; you need a Computer and a Scanner to run this program. The recommended scanner is an Epson/canon scanner or any scanner that is TWAIN complaint.

 In general, the vast majority of veterinary clinics for their daily use will not need a CombScan. The CombScan is ideal for clinics that are, let’s say, carrying out 12 or more tests per day or large vet labs that want a more objective technique to read test results.

In high volume vet labs or in clinical trial use, CombScan can prove to be very useful.

Read below what researchers have written about CombScan:

“In a previous study, the spots were read by eye, but in this study they were read using a scanner (Epson 4000), which increased the precision of the tests, that is the repeatability of the results, as the analysis of scanned images is probably more reproducible and objective than a visual analysis that is operator dependent and may also suffer from variables (eg, sources of light).”

Diane D Addie et al, 2014, The utility of feline coronavirus antibody tests, Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

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