The ImmunoComb Canine Ehrlichia Kit

Advantages of the ImmunoComb Ehrlichia kit over Ehrlichia Rapid Tests.


You can be in a situation with the rapid tests that the cutoff point for Ehrlichia may give a false negative. During the acute disease stage, below a certain titer, the rapid test may show up to be negative because the titer may not be high enough yet to register as positive. Being semi quantitative, the ImmunoComb gives a relative level of titer and can detect disease at far lower levels of titer.

In this example the ImmunoComb can identify suspicious cases of Ehrlichia, which can be followed for a future change in titer – which may not be identified by using rapid tests. The ImmunoComb kits are by far more accurate in determining not only if, but also to what extent the dog is infected with Ehrlichia. 


Advantages of the ImmunoComb kits over standard ELISA and Indirect IFA tests:

In comparison to IFA or ELISA testing ImmunoComb Ehrlichia kits are:

  • Easy to use – can be performed by a vet-technician, vet or lab technician.
  • Portable - ideal for fieldwork/clinic, shelter or lab.
  • Individual sample testing - financial savings and flexibility. Fast turn-around time - immediate answer.


Read below why L. D. Singla et al., recommended the use of ImmunoComb Ehrlichia kits in his study:

Serodetection of Ehrlichia canis infection in dogs from Ludhiana district of Punjab, India

J Parasit Dis (July-Dec 2011) 35(2):195–198

“The Dot-ELISA based test used in the present study to detect anti-E. canis antibodies was found to be highly specific and sensitive when compared to the routinely used microscopic examination in most parts of the country. Though IFAT has been used for diagnosis of CME, there is always a chance of giving false positive interpretation due to cross-reactive antibodies production in animals. Also a high level of expertise, low sample output, lack of standardization, expensive microscopy equipment to limit its reliability and applicability. The Dot-ELISA based technique used in the present study requires a minimum of equipment, is easy and quick to perform, involves a single-step dilution and is highly specific and sensitive thus helping in unequivocal diagnosis of CME.”

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