The ImmunoComb Feline Corona Virus (FIP) Kit

ImmunoComb Feline Coronavirus Kit –The Ideal Antibody Test Kit.


World renowned key opinion leaders on the subject of feline coronavirus (FCoV)/FIP, led by Dr Diane Addie, carried out a clinical comparison study on the ImmunoComb Feline Corona Virus (FIP) Kit, versus seven other antibody tests for to feline Coronavirus (FCoV).

Firstly the authors found 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity for the ImmunoComb Feline Corona Virus Kit.

The authors then set out criteria describing the ideal feline Coronavirus antibody test:

“Taking these issues into consideration, we identified five desirable qualities in a FCoV antibody test: high sen­sitivity; high specificity; a requirement for a small quan­tity of sample; the ability to use effusion, as well as whole blood, plasma or serum; and the sensitivity of the test in the presence of virus. In addition, two other qualities in tests may be required for the purpose of screening cats: the speed of the result and the determination of an anti­body titre.”

ImmunoComb was the only test to meet all of these criteria.

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