VacciCheck® is a novel "in house“option for titer testing both feline and canine core vaccines.

VacciCheck® has been recommended by the WSAVA VACCINATION GUIDELINES GROUP for: 

  • Reducing over vaccination, by using VacciCheck® INSTEAD of automatic triennial core revaccination for adult dogs.
  • Determining whether a puppy/kitten has responded to vaccination.
  • The management of disease outbreaks in animal shelters.
  • Testing of newly adopted adult dogs/cats of unknown vaccination history.

VacciCheck® has broken the paradigm of a titer test being performed in a specialized veterinary lab with prolonged turnaround times. VacciCheck®’s “claim to fame” is really quite simple:

  • By having VacciCheck® cost similar to that of a vaccine, while testing for the 3 diseases per sample.
  • By being able to give a result to a pet owner within 21 minutes.

These factors have revolutionized the pet vaccination protocols, now being able to cheaply and efficiently monitor “lack of pet vaccination” and “over vaccination” levels for the core vaccines.

This in turn has revolutionized the ability to deliver vaccines in a safer and more scientific fashion.

VacciCheck® is now recommended in the WSAVA Vaccinations Guidelines and by the Maddies Fund, has been discussed on the BBC, written about in the Chicago Tribune and appeared on FOX News; all part of the campaign of improving the well being of our pets.

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