Abstract - PCRun® Canine Pathogenic Leptospira Molecular Detection Kit

Please note a recent study evaluated the PCRun® Canine Pathogenic Leptospira Molecular Detection Kit for early Leptospira antigen detection. PCRun® was compared to Leptospira real time PCR as performed in Professor Ron Schultz’s Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (WVDL). This new technology is designed to be a point-of-care diagnostic, eliminating the need for complex equipment and highly trained staff and shortening result turnaround time, while maintaining high levels of test sensitivity and specificity. The canine samples used in testing were prepared laboratory aliquots that were designed to mimic situations in the field (e.g. different sample types and concentrations, various anticoagulants, multiple Leptospira serovars, etc.). This study showed a high level of sensitivity and specificity and excellent correlations between the test methods for most blood and urine samples. The PCRun® had the advantage of not being negatively affected by the presence of heparin as an anticoagulant. Neither the real time PCR nor the PCRun® detected non-pathogenic Leptospira.

 To read the full abstract open the attachment of the abstract that is appearing at the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Disease being held in Chicago.

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