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Professor Ronald Schultz is Professor and Chairman of the Pathobiological Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin.
Read what he has to say about the PCRunTM Canine Pathogenic Leptospira Molecular Detection Kit for early Leptospira antigen detection. Abstract - PCRun™ Canine Pathogenic Leptospira Molecular Detection Kit 

WSAVA Canine Vaccination Guidelines discuss the benefits of VacciCheck®

See the full guidelines here

Diane Addie is a graduate of the University of Glasgow Veterinary School and her major research interests are FIP, feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FGS) and kitten mortality.

Read her mention of the Feline ImmunoComb Coronavirus kit in the Clinical Paper: Diane D Addie et al, 2014, The utility of feline coronavirus antibody tests, Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery here

Professor Richard Ford is Professor of Medicine from the North Carolina State University. He serves on both the AAHA Canine Vaccination Task Force and AAFP Feline Vaccination Advisory Panel.

Professor Ford has written an article on In House Titer Testing and the benefits they provide for the pet as part of the Canine and Feline protocol. He specifically mentions Feline and Canine VacciCheck® in this article, as part of this protocol.
View his lecture on Youtube.

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