WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines

The guidelines below from the WSAVA VACCINATION GUIDELINES GROUP state how VacciCheck is part of the vaccination protocol:

They state very specifically that VacciCheck should be used for the following indications:

  • VacciCheck can be used to determine whether a puppy has responded to vaccination. VacciCheck can inform decision making as to whether an adult dog that has suffered a suspected adverse event post vaccination requires core vaccine boosters in the future.
  • VacciCheck testing of newly adopted adult dogs of unknown vaccination history can also determine whether the animal is protected or requires vaccination.
  • VacciCheck INSTEAD of automatic triennial core revaccination for adult dogs. Seropositive dogs do not require revaccination as they are already protected.
  • VacciCheck also has a major role to play in the management of infectious disease (CDV and CPV) outbreaks in canine shelters.



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